Moonshine Music composed for 'Shed Your Tears and Walk Away', award winning documentary premiered at the The Times BFI London Film Festival, screened in cinemas nationwide.

The Railroad Introductory music for a documentary about Japanese prisoners of war forced to work on the Burma railroad. Documentary commissioned for the History Channel. Songwriting, production and artist development.

Rattlesnake Creek Incidental music for animation premiered at Cannes Film Festival.

Traffickers Pilot Incidental music for Israeli documentary by the same name.

The Tree An Easter themed commission for the Wellesborne Choral Society. Premiered in Stratford Upon Avon town hall.

Czuckari Commissioned for performance in Budapest, the music follows the story of a Hungarian folk tale by the same name. Received performances in Germany and the UK.

The Field of the Cloth of Gold For massed flute and recorder choirs. Commissioned by Birmingham Music Service.

Put Me in Your Pocket Music composed to a poem written by a WW2 soldier while in a Japanese prison camp.

The Penny Black Overture of orchestral work premiered in Adrian Boult Hall.

Fanfare for Brass Commissioned for live performance for Cruse Bereavement Care.

The Girl who was turned into a Tree For 50 percussionists and soprano, 60 different percussion instruments including Turkish Darbuka, Javanese Gamelan and prepared piano. Premiered with soloists, maraca2.